Home to four of the world's largest steam engines and an ASCE National Landmark and AWWA Landmark

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Water Storage Reservoirs and Tanks

Engines   GCWW Water Pumping Engines
               USA Triple Expansion Water Pumping Engines
               Worldwide Triple Expansion Water Pumping Engines
               Mixed Compound Engines

Historical Machinery & More   Construction Machinery used at River Station
                                                 Dive Team at GCWW and the Mark V Dive Suite
                                                 Excavating Machinery used at River Station
                                                 Machine Tools
                                                 Railroad at GCWW
                                                 Riveting at GCWW
                                                 Surveying Crew and Instruments
                                                 Wood Shop Machinery used at River Station

                                                 Historic Elevators         

Stations at GCWW   River Station Detailed Specifications
                                River Station Construction History (Pictorial & Written History)
                                Main Station (Pictorial and Detailed Specifications)
                                Eden & Mt. Hope Stations
                                Hunt Street (Now Reading Road) & Linwood Stations
                                Western Hills Station
                                Front Street Station

Videos   GCWW Engines & Water Pumps Video
              Other Worldwide Triple Expansion Engine Videos
              Animations for three triple Expansion Engines

              Warner Elevator at Brighton Mills wmv file
              Fire Engines