Home to four of the world's largest steam engines and an ASCE National Landmark and AWWA Landmark

 Hunt Street Station and Linwood Station

Hunt Street Pumping Station & Linwood Pumping Station

In order to meet the demand for water on the hilltops, an auxiliary pumping station was established at Hunt Street (now Reading Road), near Liberty, in 1869, the same containing one horizontal pumping engine of one and a half million gallons daily capacity, and in order to provide some storage an iron tank of sixty feet diameter and thirty-eight feet in height, holding over 750,000 gallons, was erected on Mt. Auburn. The consumption on the hilltops increased so rapidly that a second tank was erected in 1871, and in later years a third and a fourth one were added. In 1874 the pump was enlarged, and again in 1879, increasing it to four million gallons daily capacity. A second pump was installed in 1879, and in 1886 a six-million gallons Worthington pump was placed in service.

The electric light plant at the Hunt Street Pumping Station, consisted of two Noye engines, operating two Nowotny six K. W. generators.

Picture descriptions on this page include:

Original Hunt Street Pumping Station near Liberty, 1894 (Now Reading Road)
Rear View Original Hunt Street Pumping Station 1894
Rebuilding Hunt Street Station, 1895
Branch division engineers City Water Works
Close up of engineers from City Water Works
New Hunt Street Station
1895, drawing for Americus Warden Pump at Hunt St. Station
 Americus Warden Pump, Hunt St. Station
Galloway flue boiler drawing at Hunt Street Station
Galloway flue boiler at Hunt Street Station, 1895
Linwood Pumping Station
Linwood Pumping Station Floor Diagram
Linwood Pumping Station engine for electric plant
Linwood Pumping Station electric generation
Linwood Pumping Station Electric generation with Switch Board
Linwood Pumping Station Electric Switch Board
Linwood station boiler
1896, Linwood Station, Laidlaw & Dunn Water Pumps
1896, Linwood Station, Laidlaw & Dunn Water Pumps, Note elevated tray of "cotton waste" used like rags for clean up
1907, Linwood Pumping Station, Cincinnati Standard Duplex by: The Laidlaw & Dunn Co.