Home to four of the world's largest steam engines and an ASCE National Landmark and AWWA Landmark

U S A Triple Expansion Water Pumping Steam Engines
    U.S.A. Triple Expansions    

USA manufactures for triple expansion steam engines include:

E. P. Allis Co. Milwaukee, WI

Bethlehem Steel, Bethlehem, PA

Holly Manufacturing, Lockport, NY

Leavitt-Reidler, designed by engineer Erasmus Darwin Leavitt, Jr. (1836-1916) of Cambridge, Massachusetts, built by N. F. Palmer Jr. & Co. and the Quintard Iron Works, New York, NY

R. D. Wood & Co. Philadelphia, PA; designed by John H. Lewis, built by Camden Iron Works, Camden, New Jersey

Reynolds-Corliss Triple Expansion Pumping Engine built by E. P. Allis & Co, Milwaukee, WI

Tod Engines, William Tod Co., Youngstown, OH

Worthington Vertical and Horizontal Triple Expansion Engines, designed and built by Henry R. Worthington,  Buffalo, New York